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The world is currently facing an unexpected challenge from the novel COVID-19. It has become imperative for organizations around the globe to look for solutions to engage, motivate, and skill employees, so that they can be productive and efficient.

ADP Research Institute’s recent global survey revealed that between 2015 and 2018, India reflected a five per cent increase (the maximum in the world) in the number of employees who were fully engaged. In its study, ADP covered 19,346 full-time as well as part-time employees across 19 countries. However, despite scoring better than other countries in terms of employee engagement, most Indian workers remain far from fully engaged. Looking at the survey results, one can clearly highlight that in order for a company to grow, it is important to look into the mental and physical well beings of the employees along with engagement solutions to manage and retain the best talent.

How can Quizbox be beneficial to your organization?

Quizbox is the world's most advanced quizzing and gamification application made for the organizations to engage their employees. It allows businesses to create quick department/topic-specific questions, which Trainees/Employees can learn by playing topic-specific quizzes and challenging their peers in fun multiplayer quizzes.

It comes with plenty of features, that allows business owners to explore the best possible ways to foster continuous learning.


  • Help trainees and professionals learn and upgrade their levels in the manner of their favourite games

  • Create topic-specific, time-based challenges and allow users to compete against each other

  • Get topic-level understanding and performance report of each individual user

  • Keep the user’s updates with multimedia content in the feed

  • Create teams and support peer learning

  • Individual and group leaderboards for maximum engagement.

  • An easy to use supercharged admin panel providing solutions to all your quizzing needs.

How to use Quzibox?

Quizbox Admin's journey

  • An easy to use admin dashboard for managing users, departments, categories, creating a campaign, tracking users and a lot more.

  • Upload Multiplayer users at once through excel(bulk upload) or create users individually. Assign their roles, departments, access rights etc.

  • Get granular insights about each user. Track their learning across different departments topics.

  • Upload multiple questions at once or individually. Assign category and difficulty level to your questions. Support image-based question as well.

  • Create time-based challenges around specific topics and let players compete against each other in multiplayer mode.

  • Let your employees follow a single learning track and level up like their favourite games. Each level is locked until the previous one is completed.

  • Create teams among your employees and assign captains to each team for increasing engagement and accountability. Track team progress and individual progress separately.

  • Send notification and multimedia content to your users at once in their feed. The live feed also gets populated with significant achievements from employees.

  • Track advanced analytics regarding your employees and teams. See their progress over time

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